COVID-19: Teletherapy & Resources

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, PCS is now providing teletherapy by phone or video for individuals, couples, and families. We want to continue supporting our current Arizona clients and welcome new clients who are looking for a safe alternative to in person therapy.
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Understanding Race and Privilege

PCS is deeply concerned about the recent loss of lives across the nation and how it reflects the ongoing racial injustices in our country. The following are resources you may find helpful as we all work to develop a sensitivity to racism, developing an anti-racist attitude, and take action whenever possible.

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Meet Our Therapists


Aliza Cooper

I work to meet my clients where they are, foster a safe therapeutic environment and assist them in achieving the goals they set for themselves. I am dedicated to helping my clients make lasting change and learn how to live the lives they envision for their present and future.


Douglas Withrow

I seek to create a safe place where discovery can happen — a place to heal emotional pain, come to new understandings of “who I am,” and develop new skills for coping with life’s surprises. I will join you in your process, recognizing that you bring a wealth of experience to develop and grow.


Catherine Lowrey

I believe we all inherently have the capacity for growth, and my job is to provide the healthy environment needed to gain insight, challenge maladaptive behaviors, and support your positive change.

What is our Intensive Therapy Program?

A one-week, 60-hour multidisciplinary treatment program led by over 25 mental health professionals. You will work with a team of therapists in an environment designed to support facing the impossible to help you live your life fully.


How We Help

At PCS, we strive to provide a safe yet challenging environment for individuals, couples, and families to receive the healing and restoration they deserve. Our ultimate goal is to equip each client with the tools necessary to create effective interactions with themselves, others, and their therapists, in pursuit of a richer and fuller life.

Our Mission

Stories from Our Referring Therapists

Become the best version of yourself.

Our unique Intensive Program puts you in the right environment with the right people, empowering lasting change.

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