For Referring Therapists

What is my role as a referring therapist to the PCS Intensive Program?

As a referring therapist, you play an integral role in the PCS Intensive Program. This includes an initial phone consultation with us, the client, and case manager prior to the client’s arrival, a midweek staffing with PCS therapists, and open lines of communication throughout the program. In addition, we provide a follow-up session with you (and ideally your client) three to four weeks after the program.

What steps do I take to refer my client to PCS? 

Due to the unique design of the PCS Intensive Treatment Program, we encourage you to call PCS and speak with our Intensive Coordinator. Some therapists choose to make this call with their client present. This is an opportunity to discuss how the program is created for each client, as well as the registration and scheduling process.

How do I know if the PCS Intensive Program is right for my client?

Before your client can begin the Intensive process, the Intensive Coordinator will reach out to you to ensure that you are in agreement with your client attending our program.

To assess whether the PCS program is an appropriate fit for your client, a prescreening session with your client will be set up with one of our therapists to discuss any presenting issues and the main goals for the intensive. Once the prescreening is complete, we will follow up with a conversation with you to start the coordination of the care process. This process includes a prescreening questionnaire for you, the primary therapist. The questionnaire provides information to the PCS treatment team regarding  your client’s history, as well as any additional information that may be beneficial to the team prior to the client’s arrival.

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