The PCS Individual Intensive Program is an intensive, trauma-focused program that concentrates on your individual needs.

We focus on your beliefs and prior influences, such as abuse and neglect, which can limit your ability to experience a sense of self confidence, joy, and healthy relationships. Our team of therapists create a supportive environment for you to delve into the deep work necessary to heal from past and current traumas. The blend of different personalities and therapeutic modalities create an environment promoting lasting change.

Cost investment: $9,000 – $11,000

Benefits of the Intensive Program

  • A team of therapists designed around your needs.
  • 35 hours of individual therapy focused on you.
  • Group therapy sessions to learn and share with others.
  • An outpatient setting allowing you to stay connected with family and work.
  • An eight-day time commitment, making it easier to get the help you seek in a shorter period of time.
  • A cost-effective alternative or follow-up to inpatient care.

What you will experience

The PCS program is not your typical Intensive Program. During the eight-day program, you will participate in 35 hours of individual sessions, 23 hours of group sessions, and ten hours of experiential workshops. The 35 hours of individual therapy is designed for you and is distinctly yours.

You will be assigned five to nine therapists to your program, each of who offers a wide range of approaches, such as EMDR, psychodrama, somatic experiencing, art and music therapy, equine therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

We also focus on your wellness and brain health from an integrative medical perspective. We seek to facilitate ongoing therapy work with improved nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, and functional wellness.

You will find that the participants in your group attend the Intensive Program for a variety of different reasons. In addition, the program is not gender-segregated, in order to increase empathy and understanding across all genders.

As part of your program, one of your therapists will be your case manager. The case manager will oversee your program and will be responsible for connecting with your primary therapist. It is important that your primary therapist be involved in your program, beginning with the design process, to establish your continuing care.

“Participating in a PCS Intensive Treatment Program is an opportunity each of us have longed for, yet avoided. In eight days and 68 hours, your story has time to unfold and be received by a team of compassionate professionals whose primary purpose is to create a safe and equally challenging environment. The treatment process involving 35 hours of individual therapy brings an appreciation and understanding for the journey you have lived, including the detours, and offers the discovery of the journey awaiting you.”

– Dr. Marcus Earle, PCS Clinical Director

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Meet Our Therapists

Our PCS team consists of over 25 nationally-recognized mental health professionals from a variety of backgrounds, who specialize in navigating difficult cases. Most importantly, they specialize in you.

Meet Our Therapists

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