What is the PCS Intensive Program?

The PCS Intensive Program offers a unique and powerful solution to those individuals, couples, and families trying to break through the barriers holding them back from fully enjoying their lives. Clients who seek our program are generally experiencing crises in their lives, feel stuck in their current therapy, desire to move more quickly through their issues, or are simply unfulfilled with one to two hours a week of therapy.

One week, 68-hour multidisciplinary treatment program
30+ hours of individual, couples, and/or family therapy
20+ hours of group therapy to acquire vital tools for healing
Ten+ hours of experiential and psycho-educational workshops
Treatment plan designed for your needs
A multi-dimensional, multi-model approach

The PCS Intensive Program is designed for individuals, couples, and families who:

  • Feel “stuck” in therapy, impatient with their progress, are in crisis, or seek more profound personal transformation
  • Will not, cannot, or do not need to commit to a 30 to 35-day inpatient program
  • Have depression and/or anxiety
  • Struggle with addictions, compulsive and/or risky behaviors, including: substance and/or alcohol abuse/ sex and/or love addiction / gambling addiction/ workaholism / eating disorders/compulsive exercise
  • Struggle to process a partner’s addiction or partner’s past trauma
  • Partners who have been betrayed sexually
  • Struggle with codependency / self-identity
  • Have experienced trauma, including: sexual abuse / domestic abuse / physical abuse / psychological abuse / abandonment / neglect and/or deprivation / grief and the grieving process

Intensive Program Schedule

PCS Intensive Treatment Program (ITP) Client Schedule

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The PCS difference: A multidisciplinary approach

The PCS Intensive Program is a nationally recognized program with the potential to be a vital component to your healing. We specialize in difficult cases. Come spend a week working alongside 25 highly-trained therapists, to find relief from life’s many complications.. Our therapists are behavioral health professionals licensed at the doctoral, master’s level, or are in training and under supervision. Our therapists come from diverse backgrounds, clinical specialties, and professional skills while sharing a common commitment to health, healing, and growth. It is our team approach that truly sets our Intensive Program apart.

Our team uses a multi-dimensional approach to treat the emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and relational dimensions of you as an individual. In addition, we employ therapeutic tools such as EMDR, DBT, psychodrama, Evidence Based Therapies, and other techniques necessary to generate progress.

The PCS Intensive Programs’ comprehensive, integrative approach requires a coordinated effort between your therapist(s), our therapists, and our office staff. A PCS therapist is assigned to manage your case and stays in communication with your primary therapist during the Intensive process. You will need to sign an authorization that allows PCS to obtain information from your primary therapist prior to beginning the program. Upon completion of the program, we send a summary report to your therapist, including recommendations for continuing care, in order to facilitate a seamless transition back to your current therapist.

PCS maintains the highest ethical standards of confidentiality Clients of every age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientations, or national origin are welcome.

We strive to provide our clients with an environment of challenge, support, and growth so they can experience the change they seek. Thank you for considering our Intensive Program as part of your treatment. Contact our Intensive Program Coordinator directly at intensive@pcsearle.com

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