By PCS - 05/13/2022


As a 28 year old non-binary Trans masculine individual who has gone through multiple self-evaluation periods, I’ve come to the conclusion, deep down we are all beings looking to grow strongly and beautifully. It is partially our environment that either hinders or helps us do so – PCS has provided a supportive space which made room for me personally to garden an environment that allowed growth. I realized, the grass is greener where we water it.

I began to really sit with myself and I began to water myself. I started to focus on my physical health with the theory that, “If I don’t use it, I lose it.” I began to focus on my mental health as I needed to fix the foundation I was building within. The more I stayed in tune with what I wanted instead of what others may have wanted of me, little shifts subtly took place. I started to plant seeds of how I pictured my garden, not one envisioned for me.

In a world where it seems scary to be authentically who I am, I haven’t allowed it to keep me from blossoming. We were meant to go through seasonal circumstances and within each season, there’s handsomeness and beauty. There’s self-love that transpires and when we have a hold of it, we shine.

My recent light brought me to write the below poem,

“March coming to a close,
Yet I’m more open than ever.
An anticipated chapter; I knew this time would come.
This time where every step feels worth the lunge.
A time where the shoes I’m wearing finally fit.
I finally see – myself in mirrors.
I finally hear – myself in echoes.
And somehow,
It’s like, I finally let go.

I let go of fear,
And replaced it with faith.
I let go of anger,
And replaced it with love.
I let go of judgment,
And replaced it with acceptance.

Yesterday prepared me for today.
God knew I would see this day.
I was always worth it,
I just had to believe it too.”

And, I believe in you.

-Vané R. Moreno


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