This is Grief

By Jessica Lamar - 05/08/2020


The global pandemic has created a new reality for loss and grief. From physical distancing, to working from home, job loss, school closure, and canceling of major life events we have all entered into a world of collective ambiguous loss and grief. We are all grieving the safety and security we once felt in our world.  

Ambiguous loss is a loss that occurs without closure or clear understanding. This kind of loss leaves a person searching for answers, and can complicate the process of grieving and often results in unresolved grief. Some parts of ambiguous losses we are collectively enduring as a result of COVID-19 are, but are not limited to:

  • Job Loss
  • Loss of Safety
  • Loss of Physical connection
  • Loss of Routine
  • Loss of Security
  • Loss of predictability
  • Loss of a sense of Freedom
  • Loss of future and past plans
  • Loss of Traditions

Any type of loss can trigger grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and it is important we nurture our humanness as we connect with the losses.

  • Name the feelings and emotions
  • Acknowledge the feelings associated with grief
  • Give yourself time
  • Remember your feelings are valid
  • Communicate with your support system
  • Check in with others
  • Practice self-care
  • Search for meaning in the losses
  • Practice gratitude
  • Practice self-compassion and empathy

I hope in your own grief process, you allow yourself to grieve in a nonmethodical way. I hope you will not repress, or deny the diverse emotions you are feeling. I hope you release the tight hold to unnecessary “strength,” and feel what you feel, however heavy. Give yourself permission to be in the process as long as appropriate

I hope as you let in the grief, the heaviness, the overwhelming emotions you remember to come back to yourself. Be present with those around you. Have an awareness of the love existing in you. I hope you don’t base your actions or words in fear and begin search for hope and meaning in the process. I hope you hold space for yourself. Remember you are human, you are fragile, you are safe, and you are adaptable. We are built for this.

This is grief.

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