Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hanson


I believe in balancing the empirically based tools of psychology with the life experience clients bring to the room. I hope to create a genuine and trusting environment for people where they can be challenged appropriately and see growth in their goals and self-awareness.

  • Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hanson educationMasters in Counseling Psychology, BA in Psychology with a minor in Spanish
  • Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hanson therapy focusPerson-centered, intersectional, ACT, CBT, DBT, trauma-informed


I find it helpful to emphasize collective histories and intersectionality to first situate a client in their social landscape and then use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) skills to help work through a client’s distress.

I have grown up in Phoenix, Arizona and enjoyed working with various people in my community. I fostered a profound respect and care for children with Autism while practicing Applied Behavior Analysis and then moved to help collaborate with Latinx immigrants to help execute immigration packages.





I also gained experience providing therapeutic services at a University Counseling Center working primarily with young adults with a variety of presenting concerns and identities. With each interaction I found that striking a balance between concrete skills and genuine human connection led to the most holistic healing and deeper insights. I hope to empower clients to uncover new tools and ways of being on their journey towards a more meaningful life.

I speak Spanish as a second language and as an associate level therapist, I work under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Earle.  I aim to provide care from a trauma conscious approach.


Presenting Concerns:

Depression, Anxiety, grief and loss, addiction, relationship concerns, stress

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