Christina ‘Cece’ Blum


“We have been socialized to respect fear more than our own need for language.”
 ― Audre Lorde


My name is Christina Blum, but I prefer Cece. I’m in my final year at the National University for my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in Sex Therapy. My work is to understand your perspective and story through the lens of systemic therapy. We do not create our selves; we are shaped and impacted by the families, communities, and societies around us. My therapeutic practice as an intern is based on a narrative therapeutic approach combined with my lived experience as a queer neurodivergent person. My goal is to help you achieve your goals for therapy by changing the self-talk and story you have for yourself. My work is sex-positive, and I have experience with consensual non-monogamy and BDSM/Kink and I can work with individuals, couples/poly-systems, and families/found families.


As a therapist my goal is to help clients (individuals, relationships, and families) gain confidence through strength based therapy to own the narrative that they’ve been given and created within the context of their lives. I utilize this approach when working with individuals, couples or poly-relationships to address sexual relationships goals for therapy using my specialization’s in Sex Therapy.

When working with families I focus on encouraging change for the whole family by examining the roles each member fills to support the current status quo. Growing up my family didn’t have a story that supported our healthy growth, that story was inherited from previous generations and shaped by the conflicts we faced as a family. I take a deep well of empathy and curiosity from these experiences and work to meet clients where they are and celebrate their strengths to seek change in an unhealthy world.


My work is shaped by my belief that even in the darkest of nights there is always a dawn and new moon waiting, and on our journeys the people, animals, and nature around us are all working to find balance with us and within ourselves. My journey isn’t over and I continue to work to build my own self-worth, rejection sensitivity, and managing anger and forgiveness. I don’t believe that our work ever ends, but my life journey has brought me to this moment where we can work together towards your goals for your self, relationship, or family.  Please do not let financial barriers prevent you from seeking therapy, I work with a sliding scale that is available through PCS and can accommodate telehealth through a HIPPA complaint zoom platform.

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