Commemorating a Loved One During the Holiday Season

By Rachel Jensen - 12/12/2021


Grief can feel heavy daily for those who have experienced loss in their life. Grief can often feel EVEN heavier during the holiday season for many.

There is something about the holidays that can bring forth big and overwhelming emotions. The memories or traditions tied to this specific time could ignite a number of feelings for someone who may be missing a loved one. Having a way to keep loved ones who have passed feeling present and involved during the holiday time can sometimes feel crucial and reassuring.

The question here is: How do people commemorate their loves ones who are no longer physically with them during the holiday season? What does that look like for each person or family?

Some ideas to commemorate your loved one during the holiday season can include:

•    Set a plate at the dinner table for your loved one
•    Prepare your loved one’s favorite meal/food dish
•    Visit them at their grave site or where their ashes lay
•    Share stories about your loved one
•    Write letters or journal entries to your loved one
•    Have a designated decoration honoring your loved one (i.e., candle, ornament, stocking, etc.)
•    Attend religious services to feel connected to that individual
•    Play music that reminds you of them

While there are many things someone can do to show tribute during this season, it is important to do what feels right for you and your family during the holiday time. Feel your feelings and celebrate in ways you can feel the most comfort and love. May this holiday season bring much strength and peace to those who are going through their grief and deeply missing someone special in their life.

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