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My challenging yet respectful approach allows hope, healing and meaningful change to emerge. I’m creative, compassionate and respectful, yet tough when needed.

  • Brian Case educationPh.D. in Child Development & Family Studies, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, M.S. Child Development & Family Studies, B.A. Family Studies
  • Brian Case therapy focusGrowth oriented/humanistic, Systemic, Positive Psychology, CBT, Experiential/expressive therapies, Client Education, Trauma Processing, couples/family therapy, sexual addiction/problematic sexuality, trauma (including betrayal trauma, sexual abuse), anger management, chemical addictions, process/behavioral addictions (e.g. compulsive work, shopping, spending, eating, etc.), restoration of trust in intimate relationships (apology/forgiveness work), sexual health, shame reduction/self-acceptance

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Having done my own counseling, I know that it is important to find the right fit. If you are reading this, you are about to make a very important, and perhaps very difficult decision. If after meeting I am not the right fit for you, I will help steer you toward somebody who may be. If we decide to work together, I will be fully committed to “help you help yourself”, congruent with my overall goal (mission statement) which is:

To “work myself out of a job” by helping clients (individuals, couples, or families) to find hope and healing, to courageously face and heal core underlying issues, to gain needed insights and tools, and to courageously make behavioral changes which allow for a sense of personal empowerment and relational fulfillment, and to have more success and well-being both personally and professionally”.

I have been a therapist/counselor since 1992 when I began my training at Purdue University. I specialize in marriage/family therapy, anger management, addictions and sexual issues. I have 20+ years of experience treating sexual addiction; have been through extensive training for both “certified sex addiction therapy” and the “advanced treatment of problematic sexual behaviors”. I have facilitated group therapy focused on anger management, apology, and forgiveness for the past 19 years, and integrate what I have learned from the hundreds of clients that have participated in those groups over the years into my work with one-on-one clients.

At the heart of my practice is helping others find greater balance and fulfillment. This balance comes through living life more fully from our “Real Self”-and shifting out of “shame based”, “fear based” or “performance based” living. In fact, if you do nothing more than grasp and apply your new understanding of the difference between healthy guilt and toxic shame, I know your life will improve!

Integrating healing components such as interpersonal forgiveness, assertive boundary work, talk-therapy and experiential therapies, my challenging yet respectful approach allows hope, healing and meaningful change to emerge. I’m creative, compassionate and respectful, yet tough when needed. I can help you find more effective and lasting solutions to your challenges. I look forward to working with you!

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