What’s Your New Normal

By Sam Hardwig - 04/13/2021


There might be a handful of times in life where we feel the strong need to pause and reflect upon where we have been so we know where to go next.  As we begin to see real signs that the pandemic is under control and of society returning to a version of what it was over a year ago, this seems like an important time to take inventory of what we are so eagerly looking forward to, as well as what is causing us unease.  How have things changed for you and within you, for better or worse? What have you observed around you?  The reality is no one person’s experience has been the same.

Some people have discovered reconnection with family and the beauty in getting back to basics while others have experienced death, devastating loneliness, addiction, depression, or abuse from those with whom they have had to be in close quarters.  Some have found more creativity, motivation, and innovation to capitalize on these unique times while others have lost their direction, employment, or business entirely. 

Still, some experienced very little or no economic or employment disruption and even thrived over the last year.  So, while this is an experience we have had globally and together as a society, it has not necessarily been a collective one.  As you prepare to transition back to a new version of “normal,” it seems important for all of us to reflect on a few concepts:  What have you discovered is important to you?  What have you discovered is unnecessary in “normal” and may actual block you from others you care about or important goals?   

Over this year that has forced most of us to slow down and simplify our calendars, ask yourself what you discovered that surprised you about yourself and what makes your life meaningful. 

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