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Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”― David Richo.

You deserve to be seen, to be heard, to have your needs met, and to take up space. You deserve
to choose yourself by listening to your authentic inclination towards growth, self-determination,
and the resolution of psychological discrepancy.

  • Megan Bleam educationMA in Clinical Psychology/Counseling from Grand Canyon University, EMDR trained.
  • Megan Bleam therapy focusAddiction / Anxiety / Body Dysmorphia / Codependency / Coping Skills / Depression / Emotional Disturbance / Family Conflict / Peer Relationships / Relationship Issues / Self Esteem / Stress / Trauma

About Megan

Through my past experiences, both personally and professionally, I have found it to be true that you hold the key to the freedom you seek. It is my belief that you possess this key to free yourself from these limitations. It is then my job to support, aid, and guide you in a compassionate, yet firm manner to reach your fullest potential.

I have experience working with adolescents, young adults, and adults seeking guidance for substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, internal and external conflicts.

Throughout your counseling journey with a collaborative approach, we will work on ways to identify what makes you feel seen and heard, how to advocate for your needs to be met, and establish ways to spark your authentic drive towards wholeness while maintaining the belief that your presence is needed.

As an Intern, I work under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Earle.

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“I Want What I Want & I Want It Now”

By Megan Bleam - 12/01/2022

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