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He is the clinical director at Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd specializing in couples work and sex addiction.  Dr. Earle is also a Certified Sex Therapist as well as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

  • Marcus Earle educationPhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, BA in Psychology
  • Marcus Earle therapy focusAddictions and sexual offenders, as well as individual and family therapy. Dr. Earle leads the compulsivity and codependency groups, supervises our interns and post-doctoral residents, as well as manages the practice.

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About Marcus

Dr. Marcus Earle obtained his Doctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy in 1988 and is an Arizona State licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. He is the Clinical Director of Psychological Counseling Services (PCS), and one of the developers of the PCS Intensive Outpatient Program. Marcus strives to bring a positive and challenging approach to therapy. Fundamentally, Marcus believes our fears are often barriers to experiencing the growth and constructive relationships we all desire to have. Once we learn to face what we have been avoiding, true healing and growth can be discovered and achieved.

“I work to provide a space for you to feel understood and safe enough to share the most difficult aspects of your life. For me, a key aspect of therapy is finding a balance between affirming you and challenging you to stretch into emotions and thoughts which you have likely spent a lifetime avoiding. Therapy provides us with a safe space to confront our fears and grow into the people we desire to be, thus fostering the development of constructive relationships and our ability to enjoy them.”

Dr. Earle leads the compulsivity and codependency groups, supervises our interns and post doctoral residents, as well as manages the practice.

He has also co-authored the book “Sex Addiction: Case Studies and Management” with his father, Ralph H. Earle.

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