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By Heidi Green - 04/18/2016


By Heidi Green, Psy.D, Staff Therapist

At PCS, our philosophy is rooted in helping people develop their healthiest self by healing old wounds, understanding how early life experiences helped shape maladaptive behavior in adulthood and moving forward with hope, integrity and balance. We incorporate the Murry Method, developed by Marilyn Murray, which conceptualizes poor emotional health and difficulty in overall functioning to early life experiences that stunt the healthy growth of an individual and inhibit their ability to show up in the world as their authentic, true self. We work with clients to identify areas of stunted emotional development and then grow themselves up into the genuinely healthy person they are meant to be.


Over the years, we have evolved into an increasingly multidisciplinary program, effective with complex client problems such as addiction and trauma.  Our clients often present with multiple symptoms, including unresolved childhood trauma, compulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, lack of emotional intimacy, restricted or dysregulated emotional expression, inability to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries, and narcissistic and/or dependent personality traits.  We have found that incorporating elements from different theoretical approaches to our family systems treatment model results in significant symptom reduction by the end of treatment and improved real-world functioning. Couples report improved communication, emotional intimacy and overall marital satisfaction.


PCS provides a safe, caring environment for clients who are in crisis or who need more intensive treatment than traditional outpatient therapy offers.  Although inpatient psychiatric facilities and residential treatment centers are abundant, most are cost-intensive and require a length of stay that may be prohibitive for many individuals. A short-term IOP provides intensive care that does not require extended time away from work and home at a cost that is more accessible than that of residential treatment.  PCS prides itself on offering a unique program that provides transformative care in a condensed format. If you are ready to heal your heart and live the life you are meant to have, we are waiting for you.

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