The Cost of Hope

By PCS - 07/10/2020


Therapy is expensive which keeps it out of reach of many.  This, in combination with the stigma many feel if they pursue therapy can result in significant barriers keeping many from finding help.  This may result in ongoing mental health issues which interfere with living a meaningful life, loss of relationships, and/or the continuation of dysfunctional patterns in families.  To begin addressing the need for increased accessibility of therapy, Psychological Counseling Services created a not for profit corporation, the New Hope Educational Foundation.

In the early 90’s Dr. Ralph Earle visited Colorado as a guest on the “Focus on the Family” radio show hosted by Dr. James Dobson. Ralph and Jim discussed ideas of how to provide funding for those who could not afford therapy and Jim asked if PCS had a non-profit organization. The very next week Psychological Counseling Services received a $50,000 donation to what the client called a “ministry fund.”  This act of generosity and compassion led Ralph to create the New Hope Educational Foundation, a Psychological Counseling Services (PCS) non-profit corporation established on March 7, 1996.

Since it’s inception, the New Hope Educational Foundation (NHEF) has provided educational workshops and aided individuals and couples in affording the PCS Intensive Treatment Program. 

When NHEF funds are utilized, PCS therapists agree to donate a percentage of   their time to make sure all our clients receive the help they need. We continue providing this help to those motivated to engage in the challenging work of transforming their lives, but are unable to financially afford the full cost.

Additionally, PCS offers supervision to Post Doctoral Residents and Masters level therapist interns.  This provides PCS the flexibility to offer therapy based on a sliding scale to clients whose meet an income-based criteria.

There are many ways that you can help the NHEF continue its cause of helping those who ask for help:

1. Contact PCS Directly

The most direct way to help is by contacting Sylvia at PCS at (480) 947-5739 and making a donation of any size. Every donation helps and you will receive a donation letter, documenting your tax deductible donation.

2. Donate Through Our Website

You can now donate to the New Hope Educational Foundation directly through our website, here.

3. Use Amazon Smile

This program enables anyone to designate a non-profit charity to receive income from each of their purchases. We welcome you to begin placing all of your Amazon orders as follows:

  • Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser.
  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Choose a charitable organization to receive donations, or search for the charity of your choice.
  • Select NEW HOPE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC. (under general and financing)

4. Contribute to Our Build-A-Bear Fund.

As some of you may know, PCS uses Build-A-Bear during many ITP programs– clients are assigned to create a stuffed animal that represents a part of them they are working on in therapy. The partnership NHEF established with Build-A-Bear provides a $10 coupon to NHEF for every purchase made using our phone number at checkout (480) 947-5739. These coupons are specifically designated to our ITP clients. This allows someone truly in need to have the same Build-A-Bear experience as their ITP peers.

Psychological Counseling Services is committed to reducing the cost of our programs and therapy for those who seek help through the New Hope Educational Foundation. It is our hope and vision for NHEF to help those who seek therapy with the means to access it. The generosity of our donors makes this possible.

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