Spread Quality Time This Virus Season

By Catherine Lowrey - 03/18/2020


“There’s a lot of fear out there right now. If this virus spreads anything, I hope it’s love and compassion, and not the actual virus! With a lot of closings, cancellations, and people staying home, it’s an opportunity to connect and embrace love and belonging. Stay well.” — My hopeful colleague

For the sake of our physical health we have been receiving recommendations about “social distancing.” For the sake of our mental health, I hope we also keep in mind the need for social connection. I am understanding that medical research supports the need for “social distancing” in this time, and I know that mental health research strongly supports the need for social connection as a part of wellbeing. Thankfully, I don’t think these are mutually exclusive.

Many of the events we were looking forward to have been cancelled, which may include your group yoga practice, the concert you were looking forward to, and the suspension of professional sports. I think fondly of A League of their Own- a fictional movie about the nonfictional rise of The All American Girls Professional Baseball League during WWII. Even then we knew we needed our sports, or other means to unite. It is no less true today. In this time of canceled events, school, maybe even work, we need to find other ways to connect. Stay safe, and begin brainstorming ways to spread quality time. To help you get started…

Quality time with loved ones:

  • Barbeque
  • Enjoy slow meals at the table
  • Check-ins. Tell me a “high point” and “low point” of your day/week/year/life
  • Family board game night (my favorites are “Heads Up” or “Guess Who” for younger kids, and “Cranium” and cards for teens-adults)
  • Is your child into gaming? Have them teach you one of their games and play alongside them. Or dust off your Wii and play virtual Frisbee golf.
  • Backyard games/sports

Quality time with self:

  • Read for pleasure
  • Begin an adult coloring book
  • Journal
  • Pick up a new hobby (might I suggest a youtube video to teach you how to knit)
  • Practice an existing hobby that’s boxed away in your garage
  • Write a letter
  • Get creative!

Article by Catherine Lowrey, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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