New Year’s Resolutions: Video Inspiration

By PCS - 12/31/2016


As this year winds down and we enter 2017, the question of new year’s resolutions is undoubtedly on people’s minds. Over the next few weeks it’s almost certain that someone will ask you what you are planning on doing or changing for this year’s resolution. For many, this could be a cringe-worthy reminder of last year’s goals, which may or may not have been left by the wayside.

With January 1st fast approaching, the traditional deadline is looming over us. The pressure to make a new year’s resolution is arbitrary to many, and quite a few people ignore it all together. But for some of those who wish to make serious life change, new year’s can seem like the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin something new. And it absolutely can be.

Establishing a resolution is really about setting a goal. No matter what your goal for 2017 is, there are will certainly be obstacles in your path. But the point of making a change is overcoming the obstacles presented by your choice and becoming stronger in your triumph. Setting and sustaining a resolution should be an exciting and fulfilling experience.

With 4 of the most popular goals of 2016 in mind, we have accumulated some inspiring videos with good advice for those of us looking to make a positive change in the next year. These goals may seem a bit broad, but your small and achievable goals might fit into one of these four categories. Take a look and maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own 2017 resolution!

  1. Enjoy Life to the Fullest

  2. Live a Healthier Lifestyle/Exercise

  3. Spend More Time with Family and Friends

  4. Spend Less Money/Save More

  5. BONUS – Getting through January Without Quitting:



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