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By PCS - 01/31/2017


Free time can often seem like it comes in a limited supply. Everyone has said at least once that they’d give anything for some time to relax. Often, though, it is not a matter of having time to spend on non-essential activities, but rather not wasting time procrastinating or doing nothing at all.

The feeling that your time is being wasted is one of the most frustrating. That stressful feeling can be even more painful when it seems that there is nothing you’d rather do than nothing. Lethargy, or the lack of energy and enthusiasm to do most things, can be a serious detriment to your emotional and physical health.

Counseling can help you deal with the causes of lethargy and understand the feelings that come as a result of it. But even if you are just feeling slightly like you may not be using your time in the best way, there is something you can do about it.

Starting a new hobby is a great way to inspire new energy into your life. The feeling of learning, improving, and, perhaps, producing something is an extremely rewarding one. Hobbies come in many shapes and sizes, and there is, without a doubt, one that can fit into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

Starting a hobby is a lot like starting a New Year’s resolution, and can benefit from the same structures and tips used to follow through. Take a look at our New Year’s Resolution tips to get some hints on how to stick to your new hobby.

Check out our list below, and let us know what healthy hobbies you want to try in the near future!


Creative Hobbies:

Creative hobbies can be expressive and often fit perfectly into small amounts of free time. Also, they can be an amazing way to release, process, or understand emotions and thoughts that gather in your head during your busy week.

Writing/Blogging – Putting something down on paper or typing up your thoughts is an excellent hobby. Not only is writing and speaking best improved through practice, which can be a benefit to your professional life, but it is also a unique way for you to see your own ideas come to life.

Click here for a list of poetry forms to try out and here for a beginners guide to blogging!

Painting/Drawing/Graphic designArt has always been a popular hobby for those with the itch to create. Painting and drawing can be extremely rewarding and can result in some really personal pieces. There are so many styles to try, and plenty of resources both off and online to help you get started.

Check out or to find some awesome digital art tutorials!

CookingEveryone eats. So why not try to spice up your daily kitchen routine with some creative cooking? Not only can this be a great way to build healthy food habits and save money, it can also become a passion that serves you well for the rest of your life!

Don’t know what to try? How about baking, grilling, or even pickling!


Active Hobbies:

Everyone knows that getting more active is good for you. But there is far more to health than just going to the gym. If a gym routine doesn’t appeal to you, maybe try one of these other active hobbies!

Running/Biking/SwimmingThe benefits of a daily or weekly exercise routine are well documented. On top of getting healthy, these popular activities often have groups and teams on a local scale that are always accepting new members!

Search for “local swimming/running/biking clubs” to find one near you!

Dance/YogaApart from the more traditional exercise activities, there are plenty of options. Dance classes can be a fun activity to bring your friends or meet new ones and learn a new skill to show off. Yoga classes are almost universal these days, and regular stretching can do wonders for tenseness brought on by stress!

Check out some articles about beginner yoga poses and some popular dance styles!

Martial Arts Martial arts have been used as a way to bring peace into life for thousands of years. They run the gamut from very self defense oriented to more form and practice centered. Practicing a martial art can bring both physical and mental strength, as well as the satisfaction of improving and learning over time.

Here is a short list of popular martial arts, and what they’re about.


New Skills:

One of the most exciting and rewarding types of hobbies is a hobby that teaches you a new skill. Learning how to do something non-essential that perhaps is not so common is not only cool and fun, but it might come in handy in ways you would never imagine!

Sewing/Knitting/CrochetingSome of the most traditional hobbies, these skills have been seeing a resurgence coupled with the creative opportunity offered by the internet. Making blankets and scarves is just the beginning!

Find some unique ideas here and here.

Woodwork/RestorationAn often started, often abandoned hobby, woodwork can actually be one of the most useful skills. Not only can you make or restore furniture in order to save money, it can be an excellent source of gifts from the heart that you know will last far into the future.

Take a look at this article featuring accomplished actor and woodworker Nick Offerman!

Taking Classes/StudyingThis one is a little broad, but the idea remains the same among all new pursuits one must study – self improvement. Whether you want to learn a new language, skills on an instrument, or the complete history of ancient Egypt, an intellectual quest can provide challenge and enjoyment. Plus, it can be a great source of random facts for any occasion.

Look for online classes or find local ones in your area!


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