Building Upon Stonewall

By Rick Isenberg - 06/11/2019


It’s 2:00 pm on the hottest day of the year and I am watching the men lay brick in the full sun, building a second story on the building next door. As I watch them labor and sweat, I am reminded, in this Pride Month, that the rights and freedoms I enjoy today—being able to marry the man I love and live openly as a gay man—were built on the backs of a generation of men and women who labored and fought for the right to live without discrimination. I owe a lot to those courageous people, many of whom stood in the Stonewall riots of 50 years ago– many of whose names line the walls of AIDS memorials across the country.

Pride Month is a time to honor the victories and sacrifices of the past and to look forward to the challenges of the future. For this is not an easy time to be LGBTQ in our society. Regressive forces are pushing back. This is a time to rally in support of the rights of the next generation.

PCS stands with the LGBTQ community. We acknowledge the enduring spirit of this community that was once considered a mental illness. We stand against bigotry, conversion therapy, and the denial of transgender rights. We support those who remain closeted out of fear of retribution and those who struggle with their faith. We support those living with HIV/AIDS and those who have lost dear ones to the plague. We stand with those who feel alone, different, bullied, abandoned, and afraid. We help them heal.

At PCS, we affirm the value and uniqueness of every individual and strive to help everyone celebrate and live fully in their authentic selves.

Brick by sweaty brick. This is how we have reached this day and this is how, together as advocates and allies, we will build a future for the next proud generation.

– Article by Dr. Rick Isenberg

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