We Are Infinite

By Jessica Lamar - 11/09/2019


Let us be brave. Let us feel so deeply that we are afraid of what we will discover.

We are not finite. We are tied to the idea that who we are is connected to what we do. We believe our worth is rooted in the perception of others; that our life narrative is prewritten and decides who we are going to be forever. But, we are not finite. We are human beings. We change with the seasons. We are courageous in how we defy the gravity of conformity and live as our authentic self; confronting the identity others have created for us. We are not finite. With bravery we carry ourselves through the complexity of life. In that we are infinite.

As an infinite, brave being we do not seek answers. We release the forces pulling us toward achievement to secure meaning in this unpredictable life.  Remember the moments that frightened you, took your breath away, which surprised you, the moments you would do over and over. Choose uncertainty, choose discomfort. Choose the freedom to make mistakes. Choose to discover with childlike wonder your genuine desires that lead you to your ideal self. Be and remain deeply curious with your life; be infinite.

Be brave and take time to feel the wind on your face and find what truly moves you. Never stop acknowledging the changing seasons. Embrace the force of Mother Nature and make it your own. Be brave, we are not finite.

We are infinite.

Article by Jessica Lamar, Psy.D.

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