Soozi Bolte


Shepherding a process of personal growth and self-discovery is my passion. The theme of my practice is “taking action.” My commitment to you is to be present and bear witness to your story.  What’s required of you is a willingness to approach the process with curiosity,  jump into the spontaneity of the moment as a way of facing life on life’s terms, and the courage to let go of the outcome and be real.

  • Soozi Bolte educationMACL-Master’s in Christian Leadership, MC-Master’s in Counseling, Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama, Certified Professional Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Soozi Bolte therapy focusEMDR Consultant, Facilitator, Logistics Coordinator. Specialties: Trauma, Couple’s, Addiction, Mindfulness, Mind/Body/Spirit integration, DBT, CBT, EFT

About Soozi

I am a Psychodramatist, Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher with 40+ years experience in clinical work, church ministry, and non-profit administration.  I have closed my clinical practice and redirected my skills toward coaching clients who are yearning to move beyond their current stuck points and discover the possibilities of a “future self’ focused on their strengths rather than stuck in the fear of their limitations. The steps include curiosity, spontaneity, and courage. The exact same process utilized in Psychodrama where you are asked to open your heart to curiosity, jump into spontaneity, and trust your courageous self to let go of the outcome.

am a member of the EMDR International Association, and the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. I have an extensive background in church ministry and clergy issues as well as experience in Financial Management and Organization Leadership.

  • Fuller Seminary, MACL
  • University of Phoenix, MC

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