Remembering and Exploring Contentment

By PCS - 02/25/2017


Often in the nitty gritty of mental health, it is all too easy to get bogged down in the negative. We all want to feel better, and in order to do so we must sometimes face what has been preventing us from thriving in the first place. Because of this, when we finally begin to break free of our anxiety, depression, or addiction we are left in an immense world without constraint.

This is, at its core, a good thing. Being free from what can seem like an eternity of restrictions is one of the most amazing feelings. But that freedom can also be shocking and overwhelming. Continuing to be mindful and grounded in the present are a few key ways to handle your healthier lifestyle in an good way.

That being said, the world is an amazing place and, having come through or at least started to come through your journey of healing, its wonders are ready for your enjoyment. As you find yourself feeling better, you may remember or recover your affection for certain things. As an extra advantage, you may now be able to enjoy these things even more – due to the fact that you can now access your own thoughts and feelings in new ways.

So, as we begin the transition into spring from the long winter, we can devote some time to reminding ourselves what it is about the world that we appreciate. In a time to make plans for a warmer season, it is perfect to think about what we want to experience through our new and healthier lenses.

It is also important to consider that happiness takes a different form in almost everyone. The English language has dozens (if not more) words describing positive feeling, from elation to bliss to contentment. Finding how you best experience your happiness is just as important as processing your sad moments. It is also a great way to ensure that you maintain a healthy state of mind!

Below are just a few ideas picked to inspire you to discover (or rediscover) your passions. Put aside some time to pursue your happiness. You have worked hard to heal, to recover, or just to feel normal. You deserve to find something that brings you contentment, however that looks for you!



Whether you are looking at your old digital music library or blowing the dust off some records, music can be a powerful tool for happiness. Check out the links below to find some tunes based on your mood or find that unique playlist created by someone else that you have always been looking for!



Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in many places around the world. The natural world in general can provide some truly exhilarating views, both on our planet and off it! Below are some places to find pictures that may inspire you to go out and find adventure in the wide world.



Not only can putting some work into a batch of homemade cookies or a three course meal be physically rewarding, it can provide some seriously good feelings. When you cook with joy, your dinner always satisfies (even if things come out a little burnt at the edges). Check out these awesome recipes!

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