Learn to Manage Your Anger Effectively

By PCS - 02/19/2016


Many individuals struggle with issues stemming from the mismanagement of anger. Such is clearly the case with people who repeatedly have problems with “bad tempers” leading to abusive behaviors at work, on the road, or at home. However, the mismanagement of anger is not only evident through acts of verbal or physical aggression. When anger is repressed or avoided for fear of its destructive potential or for fear of conflict, the consequences can also be quite damaging. Therefore, effective anger management is not about learning how to “not be angry”, but focuses instead on separating the emotion of anger (a normal response to real or perceived threats to our well-being) from behaviors which are destructive to self or others (e.g. verbal or physical aggression, passive-aggression, or passivity leading to non-action). Through individual and group sessions or through PCS’s innovative outpatient therapy programs, clients can learn how to be more assertive with their anger, establish and maintain boundaries, and more fully and effectively move from anger and forgiveness.

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