Helping Women Deal with Psychological Challenges

By PCS - 02/19/2016


Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd. is a group of licensed psychologists and mental health professionals who provide specialized psychological and educational services for women. It is our pledge to work with individual women, families, and organizations in a safe, supportive, and therapeutic manner.

  • Counseling Services – individual, relationship, family, and group therapy with treatment planning and implementation.
  • Assessment Services – evaluations, personality, and career with treatment planning and implementation.
  • Consultation Services – staff development, communication skills training, team building, and conflict management.
  • Workshops – mental health wellness, parenting classes, life management, couples communications skills, anger/forgiveness, and spirituality.

PCS offers women specialized, intensive outpatient therapy unique to the individual woman. The philosophy at PCS reflects that the world changes when we change; that the world softens when we soften; and that the world loves us when we as women choose to love ourselves and the world around us.

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